Amilita is a forward moving label using only sustainable and ethical fabrics and production practices. 

A label made from the burning desire to create long lasting, premium quality wardrobe staples to be carried through seasons of fashion and life as a whole.

Designer, Sophie, has owned a conscious boutique, Tallow and Tide since 2016 and since buying Amilita in 2021 is determined to show her true love for fashion but passion for waste reduction and conscious consumption through these designs.

Amilita is for the woman that wants to rush her bare feet through the shore line. For the woman that speaks her mind. For the woman that wears her heart on her sleeve. For the woman that embodies her true self. Amililta is in every woman.



Our garments are produced in a factory in Canguu, Indonesia. Our factory is led by a team of incredible Aussie Expats working closely with a close knit team of local tailors.


So what does that mean to us? Garments that are stitched up and worked on by staff that are treated correctly, paid well and work in a lovely, supportive environment.



The cloth in an Amilita garment will always be an environmentally friendly one. Fabrics that we work with are –

100% Cotton Angel - a very high quality raw-style cotton. This is a very durable, yet buttery soft cotton on the premium end of production fabrics. Choosing this was a conscious choice to create our Rancho Relaxo range in as it really will stand the test of time. Wash, wear, repeat and she will just get better with age.

Unbleached Gauze Cotton - we really wanted to bring a luxurious, Grecian vibe to our Cloud styles in Rancho and here we came to a premium cotton gauze with plenty of gorgeous texture. It will not bend and lose shape over time, it will just live with you.

Dying - our amazing printing factory are one of the leaders in the industry in Indonesia. They use recycled water from their own consumption to create a closed loop system. This is incredible as far as sustainability goes as water consumption is one of the biggest issues in fashion. This is something we are SUPER proud of and can't wait to show you more of on our 2023 trip to beautiful Bali.

Our on going commitment

Sending out our online orders in sustainable packaging and recycled packaging. It's what's on the inside that counts!

Using Bio Bags for garment packaging. These will break down in Mother Earth, not harm her.

Carbon Off Set Shipping.

Designing with the future in mind always. We love a nod to the past, of course! However we really do want to focus on designs that will carry you through years and years. Reducing your need to buy the next thing, the new print, the next style. Your Amilita should feel like your 'old favourites' that get pulled on time and time again.


With all my heart & soul,

Sophie x