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Jessi Simpson / Bloom Press

As we are called to let go of the old shackles that we place upon ourselves with the ending of Pisces season and the astrological year, I let go of her—Where the Heart Goes to Bloom. It is her time to be out in the world. May she start fires inside of your heart that burn in love, creativity and authenticity. May she pave the way and take on the unapologetic and pioneering energy of Aries season and the new cosmic year. 


She was created in the quiet of morning song, 
Curled up in shapes written by my spine.
When my heart was still dreaming,
In a language only energy understands.

She found me, deep in the night sky, 
In the landing-place of his steady heart,
So I could be shown what needed seeing. 

She unveiled through the zesty flavours, 
Of usual, everyday unfolding-
Where light danced me across old wooden floorboards. 

Hiding in the shadows-
She followed me wherever the light lived.

The pages of her curvy, imperfect & raw body, 
Calling upon me through morning kisses;
In a moonlight sway, in a pause to feel the coming day. 

She percolated gently in rich black coffee 
& crunchy peanut butter on toast-
Wrapping herself up somewhere in the middle 
Of my falling apart & coming together again. 

She is Love, with a capital L,

Despite it all. 🌼