Japanese Anka Matcha Set

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Energise. Awaken. Cleanse

Includes - Copper Mesh Sifter, 340ml Japanese Anka Matcha Bowl, Bamboo spoon, Bamboo Japanese Whisk and Stand.

Add Orchard St. Ceremonial grade organic. Japanese Matcha green. tea powder.

Use Matcha Tea Ceremony 

A full set containing all the essential tools to prepare Matcha.

  1. Preheat your matcha bowl by filling one-third of it with hot water. Dip the prongs of your bamboo whisk in this hot water to soften the ends of your whisk. Empty the bowl and dry with a clean cloth.
  2. Sift or place 3-4 scoops of matcha into the bottom of the matcha bowl. Note: You can sift this scoop of matcha into the bowl or you can simply use the end of the whisk to press down gently to break up the powder.
  3. Add approximately 300 mls of hot water (80 degrees Celcius).
  4. Hold the rim of the matcha bowl with one hand and the whisk with the other. Using your wrist whisk vigorously in “M” motion. You should see lots of bubbles on the surface & a thick froth. We hope you enjoy the soothing ceremony of making the perfect Matcha


Tips & Clean

  • A Mesh sifter helps to remove lumps and create more froth in your Chawan (sifting Matcha prior to whisking is highly recommended)
  • A whisk holder allows optimal storage of your Chasen bamboo whisk and increases its life span.
  • Bamboo Whisk (chasen) is specially crafted to suspend the matcha particles in the water and it assists in delivering a much smoother matcha which does not have any sediment in the bottom.
  • Bamboo Spoon (chashaku) The size and unique ski-like shape of chashaku help to portion out Matcha powder into equal perfect scoops.
  • Matcha Bowl (chawan) Traditional ceramic vessel for your Matcha mixing ceremony.

  • Hand wash only.


    Add Orchard St. Ceremonial grade organic Japanese Matcha green tea powder is united with a subtle touch of organic cinnamon. Consciously created to sparkle vitality and lift the fog without over-stimulation, matcha does contain a gentle amount of caffeine. Cinnamon enhances the matcha flavour while adding blood sugar balancing support.