Tonic Herb Astragalus

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The Qi Cultivator
Fortify.  Support.  Harmonise

Ingredients - astragalus powder. certified organic.

Active Benefits

    • Immune support
    • Anti-inflammatory heart health
    • Anti-ageing, supportive wound healing

    Astragalus is a most superior tonic herb for compromised immunity and exhaustion. A glorious builder of strong qi, boosting energy to peak levels, while offering enhanced protection.

    Thanks to the medicinal polysaccharides in the root, Astragalus fortifies and strengthens immunity, whilst building an unbreakable wall of defence in the body. This hero guardian herb also fends off stress with its adaptogenic capabilities.

    Tips & Use

    To reap the benefits stir 1/2 - 1 tsp daily into a conscious creation of choice.