Matte Black Stone Diffuser

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  • $119.00
Soothe.  Purify.  Cleanse.

Active Benefits

RELIEVES STRESS. Just as a diffuser elevates mood, many use it to reduce anxiety and promote peace of the body and mind. It creates a calming effect in your home that is great for when you're feeling burned out or depressed. It also sets a positive atmosphere and inspires high spirits whenever you need them most.

Choose your own daily scent

Available in Matte Black or White Ceramic.



Approx. 120mL of liquid.

Tips & Use

Button One;

- Light On/Intermission/Off

Button Two;

- Press once for continuous of approximately 3 hours diffusing (switch will be green).

- Press twice for 30 second intervals over approximately 6 hours of diffusing (switch will be orange).

- Press third time to turn off, alternatively diffuser will turn off automatically when tank empty.

To Clean

Simply twist off the ceramic cover and wipe clean with a warm damp cloth to remove any dust or essential oil residue.