jane. Issue Eight

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the seeds inside

Produced and developed independently issue eight of JANE features 304 pages of analogue photographic work, art, editorial and poems.

Shot entirely on film, issue eight of JANE is dedicated to the things we need to bring with us. To the pieces and the history and the wisdom we bring forth, leave behind, relearn, unlearn. To what remains, and the archives carved into stones, ready to serve the society of tomorrow. To the things that need to be dismantled, rebuilt or reframed, the things we can learn to rely on, or not. To the revolutionaries, and the resources that are calling to be replenished. To the storytellers, the teachers, our dearly beloved, and the things that matter most. To our collective community spirit, the agency of art, humility and growth, and to taking a pause to course-correct and see our truth more clearly. To being together in this world, and to getting that world spinning back on its axis. To the importance of living, and the volume of our actions.

Amongst many others, issue eight features:

Photographic work by Carole Peyrot, Lucrezia Ganazzoli, Darren Gwynn, Lilli WatersArthur Groeneveld and Bamboo van Kampen, Massimo Leardini, Kimbra Audrey and Camille Vignaud 

Written features by Divya BalaKathryn CarterShana ChandraRosie Dalton, Alma Tetto, and Saskia Tillers, Stanislava Pinchuk and Victoria Pearson

And interviews with artist Anna-Karina Elias, fashion designer Maggie Hewit, artistic director of Lesage Hubert Barrère, founder and creative director of La Collection Florence Cools, master herbalist Karen Rose, Indigenous fire practitioner Victor Steffensen and artist Yhonnie Scarce