Botanical Tea. She Tea

A nourishing, soothing tea for all women and mumma goddesses to be.

Ingredients - raspberry leaf. peppermint. nettle. alfalfa. rosehip. shatavari. red rose petals. ginger.

Nourish.  Harmonise.  Tone

Active Benefits

A nourishing, balancing and supportive blend for women at all stages of PMS, pregnancy and beyond, offering supportive nutrients including iron and vitamin c.
A comprehensive female blend of raspberry leaf to strengthen and tone the womb in preparation for pregnancy, and shatavari - used as a powerful, rejuvenating female tonic to increase libido, lactation and regulate menopausal symptoms. Nettle and alfalfa offer vitamin and mineral rich profiles along with blood purification benefits, whilst vitamin c rich rosehips promote skin elasticity and healing. Ginger works as an anti-nausea and digestive aid.

Tips & Use

Like a women's multi-vitamin, she tea should be enjoyed daily for the most powerful benefits. 90g