Botanical Tea. Immune

Spicy, zingy and earthy, this blend is immune boosting, circulation stimulating and rich in antioxidants.

Protect.  Strengthen.  Support

Ingredients - echinacea. rosehip. elderflower. reishi. cordyceps. astragalus. cats claw. olive leaf. ginger.

Active Benefits

Support and strengthen your immunity throughout the year with the help of this powerful immune modulating blend of echinacea, reishi, cordyceps, astragalus, olive leaf, cat’s claw and vitamin c rich rosehips.

Build resilience to infection while enhancing your body’s ability to cope with physical, mental and emotional stress. the addition of ginger promotes healthy circulation, and with elderflower, aids in decongesting the upper respiratory tract.

Tips & Use

Any time of the day to calm the mind and body, or to wind down before bed.