Botanical Tea. Detox

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Earthy, gently bitter with ayurvedic spices, this antioxidant blend enhances liver and digestive function.

Cleanse.  Recover.  Purify

Ingredients - rooibos. cinnamon peel. st marys thistle. schisandra. puerrh. ginger. coriander seeds. black pepper.

Active Benefits

This ayurvedic spiced blend of herbs combine to stimulate liver function, enhance bile flow and support toxin removal. St Mary’s thistle, schizandra and puerrh are powerful liver antioxidants with the ability to enhance detoxification while protecting, regenerating and restoring liver cells.

Ayurvedic spices such as ginger, black pepper and coriander enhance digestion while supporting detoxification by binding to toxins and increasing excretion.

Additionally, rooibos lends anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and immune strengthening properties to this blend.

Tips & Use

Drink daily to enhance detoxification in the body.