Beeswax Wraps - Create Your Own

  • $40.00

Create your own pack and cut your desired shapes and sizes. Purchase by the metre from our three different sizes of width;

1 x Medium 28cm wide

Aboriginal Design Black/White Print - Purchase by the Metre
Pack sandwiches and medium sized-snacks sustainably when you're on the go or storing them away to keep them fresh or

1 x Large 34cm wide

Black/White Star Design Print - Purchase by the Metre Bigger bites and leftovers are best stored in our large wraps. Ditch the plastic and wrap your bowls in these or

1 x X-Large 46cm wide

Aboriginal Design Multi Colour Print - Purchase by the Metre
No bundles are too big for our extra large wraps. These are ideal for larger fruits and veggies or loaves of bread.


1 Wrap Place an item you want to keep fresh in the center to wrap any shape.

2 Fold Bring the edges together where they meet and roll wrap down.

3 Squeeze Press firmly while rolling together edges for a tight seal, and fold over ends to your desired shape.


Use cold water and wash as you would wash your hands (Hot water can damage your wax)Lather both sides with mild hand soap and Hang or pat dry with a tea towel.  Hot or oily foods should be avoided, as they can shorten the life of your wraps. They are not intended to be used for raw meat.

Our wraps are super strong, but washing by hand is the way to go. Dishwashers, washing machines, and microwaves can cause permanent damage.


Bring your wraps back to life. Your beeswax wrap should last between 8-12 months, depending on your care and usage. As your wraps evolve, simply hang and use a hair-dryer or heat gun on occasion to reinfuse any loose wax that may occur with age and give your wraps another life.