Base Powder. Matcha

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Energise. Awaken. Cleanse

Ingredients - Ceremonial grade organic. Japanese Matcha green. tea powder.

Active Benefits

Ceremonial grade organic Japanese Matcha green tea powder is united with a subtle touch of organic cinnamon. Consciously created to sparkle vitality and lift the fog without over-stimulation, matcha does contain a gentle amount of caffeine. Cinnamon enhances the matcha flavour while adding blood sugar balancing support.

Tips & Use

To create ~ Stir 1 tsp through your choice of plant milk, serve hot or iced. Add a dollop of coconut sugar, wild honey or nectar. A drop of pure vanilla extract pairs beautifully with matcha. Be Your Own Alchemist with the addition of Orchard St. Tonic Herbs and Elixir Powders!