A slow lifestyle collection; a curation of bespoke hand made pieces using traditional techniques by skilled global artisans for the heart and the home! 

Founded by Julide Mindemir the journey of Nazire [ nah-zee-reh ] started with not only a passion for design and interiors but strong values and beliefs about cultural traditions, ethical sourcing and the integrity of hand made craftsmanship over mass production.

From the beginning the intention was clear, to embrace the character of each individual piece hand crafted by artisans and pay tribute to the traditional techniques used that have been passed down in their family and village for generations and to ensure it gets passed on to the generations to come.

All Nazire towels are woven on vintage shuttle-looms using 100% natural materials, sustainably made in small batches each piece is designed to last a life time. Their kilim cushion covers are re-purposed from handwoven Turkish kilim rugs. Each being one of a kind and bringing a second life to an age old craft, making sure their stories are never forgotten.