Botanical Tea. Calm

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A delicate floral blend to relieve anxiety, sleeplessness & stress.

Balance.  Rest.  Peace

Ingredients - oats. chamomile. skullcap. cardamom. passionflower. licorice. lavender. red rose petals.

Active Benefits

Gently support and calm the nervous system, allowing the day’s stress to drift away. This delicately floral, herbal blend can be effective in reducing insomnia, nervous tension and anxiety. Oats, skullcap and passionflower work together to relax, nourish and strengthen the nervous system. Licorice possesses the ability to slow cortisol breakdown, reducing adrenal depletion and alleviating physical stress.

The aromatic addition of lavender, rose and chamomile further help to calm body and mind.

Tips & Use

Any time of the day to calm the mind and body, or to wind down before bed.